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Midnight Radio compilation various artists 15.

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Midnight Radio compilation various artists 15.

1. Ancient Lasers - Ancestors
Ancient Lasers is a project from Daniel Finfer of Post Human Era. The first record is produced by Daniel Anderson of Idiot Pilot and Glowbug. Recorded in Los Angeles, CA and Bellingham, WA in 2010, the album combines elements of industrial, electronica, and alternative rock; with live drums by Christopher Newton (also of Idiot Pilot).

2. Christian Fiesel - Lost Transmission
Fzkwolf aka Christian Fiesel ist ein Experiemental/Ambientmusiker aus Norddeutschland. Seit 1997 arbeitet er mit verschiedensten Stillen von Musique Concrete bis klassischem Synthesizerequipment an unterschiedlichsten CDs / Projekten.
When the universe came into existence, it created sounds that are still audible to us today. These are the sounds of entire worlds springing into being, of galaxies forming and star systems evolving. A universe of inspiration, an endless ocean of possibilities that writers, artists, filmmakers and musicians have used to tap into, a vast resource of creative energy.
One such musician is Christian Fiesel, also known as FZKWolf, born and raised in northern Germany's Hamburg, who has been floating in the musical spheres of the universe since his school days in the early 1980s. At first very much down to earth with garage rock bands, he soon stumbled onto Kraftwerk, these strangers in the strange land of Krautrock, the masters of electronic world building. Inspired by their otherworldly harmonies, Fiesel delved into Science Fiction films like Alien or Blade Runner and developed his uncanny ability to create soundscapes – his aim to musically conjure up dark, unnamed worlds, to fill the void of space with atmospheric sounds, to breathe chords of life. For a couple of years he tried to balance commercial interests and experimental creativity by co-ownership of the Hamburg based State Department Productions and Studio Hammer Deich. He helped produce more than 20 CDs of various projects, from Industrial to Dance, from Rock to Pop, but none ever filled his passion as much as his soundscapes did. When the company was sold in 1999 he retreated to the countryside, taking only his musical inspirations and some equipment. FZKWolf was born and ever since Fiesel has been hard at work to offer up soundscapes of dark, droning sublimity. His trademark Dark Ambient music leaves the listener drifting in space, no rhythms to hold on, experience the full impact of the music. Other times then his sample, gathered from all kinds of sources, musical, medial, natural or industrial, generate rhythms, become more accessible and lighter, but they always retain that universal quality, that moment of pure science fictional outlook. They always remain soundscapes of worlds to be discovered.

3. Emmanuele Gattuso - Your Sunday
"Italy’s Emmanuele Gattuso whose work bridges lofi confessional songwriting, heavy industrial driven loops and electro- acoustic based electronic ambient into a singular, moody collection. Electronic whispers, ominous low-tone, smouldering static." -

4. Phrozenlight - Springsession 30-3-10 Set 4
Formed in 1995, Dutch musician Phrozenlight, aka Bert Hulshoff, creates electronic spacemusic and ambient soundscapes, often with a ‘Berlin-school’ influence. Many of his pieces are created as live improvisations on analogue equipment or computer software, with little studio editing afterward. Much of his extensive catalog of work is available for free download, with other albums available on cd-r and from music download boutiques.
Phrozenlight has had several collaborations including Dutch Space Mission with Von Haulshoven (Netherlands), and the duo have played several concerts including E-Live. His Music is as downloads available at
and on Bandcamp
some other links
He creates imaginary travels into the dark with his electronic spacescapes.
His music has a lot of elements from the so called "Berlin School", but also neo-classical or avant garde and experimental influences.
BTW He does not like the term "Berlin School" , it is to much a cage.
He is not using any musical rules, this because he is amusical, and has no musical ears, and rhythm......well just do not ask him ;)
Equipment that he uses today:
Yamaha AN1x
Roland Vintage Synth M-VS1
Casio XW-P1
Roland SH-201
Novation KS-rack with Doepfer MAQ16/2 sequencer
and some fx
Electro Harmonix Cathedral
Alesis Nanoverb
LEM digital FX22
BOSS DD20 Giga Delay
Magix Samplitude Music Studio
and sometimes FREE VSTi and Buzztracker

5. [eye]GEISHA - GlyfHEX
Rhinoceropolis Denver, CO

6. CLONED IN BRAZIL - Water Bearer
Craig Caudil is a solo artist with Two Projects. Stone Broxxa- Ambient score avante garde - Clone in Brazil- Industrial dark ambient with more resinating percussions, Lives in quiet German American Town Erlanger Kentucky. his Blog.

7. Cousin Silas - Outside In
Cousin Silas was born in 1959 and raised in the Colne Valley in West Yorkshire. He draws inspiration from such diverse sources as JG Ballard, Fortean events, memories and Brian Eno. Cousin Silas has been creating richly-textured ambient electronic music since 1996. He hails from West Yorkshire.

8. Youthfulness - Smiling With Our Eyes
I wrote this music to establish a getaway, the world that you don't get enough of. When we go about our lives, filling our stress levels to their brim and hoping that things go smooth enough to handle themselves... we forget how simple and beneficial silence and solace can be. I find myself writing in the midst of frustration and sometimes that's the only time when something beautiful will emerge to be written and composed, for I also find this time to be most beneficial to me in order for music to express what I feel. But for you, the listener, hopefully, it is the product of what you want, what you decide to envision, where you go when you don't go back to chaos.
Listen to it when you're doing homework
Listen to it when you're falling asleep
Listen to it when you just need a moment to calm down and find the positive in life
Listen to it when you have a problem that you know you must face alone

9. Escaped Trees - I Dolmen
Escaped Trees (industrial electronic, dark ambient, idm) - Industrial electronic project. The project restored in 2011

10. Eltronik - Days Of Minor Peace
Eltronik (Ivan Ganza) is a Canadian music producer of new age, deep
ambient and meditative textures -- transporting listeners to new
places and realms. Both ethereal and peaceful, lush and sublime.
Places both deep and wide, as expansive and deep as space itself.

11. Halcyon - Lately
Ambient producer from Melbourne, Australia
Hey, I'm Halcyon. I'm a hobbyist producer filling the time between his studies. No high aspirations; simply looking to share and network. Happy to answer any questions or discuss any element of what I post.
FL Studio 10 / VSTs / MIDI Keyboard

12. The Flux Komplex - Coming To An End
Audio Visual Artist originally from Stavanger, Norway but now residing in Bonifacio Global City, Philippines. Mainly working in the fields of music and photography. My photos mostly deal with things that surround us on a day to day basis, and the beauty of it, in its many shapes, forms and incarnations. I have also been active with music since 1994, when Penitent first came to life. Currently I record and release music under the names of Arcane Art, Defraktor, Dense Vision Shrine, Penitent, The Flux Komplex, as well as my own name. During the past years I have been performing audio visual shows either under my own name or as Defraktor, Dense Vision Shrine and Penitent.

13. midnightradio11 - Silberfischchen
"The music of midnightradio 11 is subject to no form and no rule established by me. It happens in the moment that it happens. It is not being formed in my head in advance. It is formed during creation. Midnightradio 11 and eisenlager are the two projects I have been pursuing since the year 2000. The sounds that evolve during creation reflect my humor, my fear, my life, my experiences and current events. I do not fit in any category but if I had to I would describe myself as an electric krautrocker. It makes me happy when people go on a journey with my music, when they tell me what they felt, what they remembered. When that happens I have reached my goal."

14. MileSound BASS - Broken Reality
MileSound BASS was born as Gianluca Suanno in 1988, Italy. In 2002 I started listening rap and producing beats. Time after time I approached many other genres. I met electronic music in London, and then I began to do djing.
In 2011 I obtained the certification of EMP (Electronic Music Production) at SAE Milan, with 100/100. At the same time I worked at the mixtape "Souldato" of SoulSwitchOn; with whom I founded the crew Fahrenheit 451: a rap-electronic music project. At the end of 2011 I finished the production of my first album "Logical Progression" (Ephedrina netlabel December 2011) that collects all the musical influences of my past year, from classical music, soul beats for rap, reggae, music rave, hardcore, to dubstep and drum and bass. free While the release of "Logical Progression" was in progress, I began to play other genres: IDM, downtempo, glitch, techno and ambient.
In Nov 2012 I published "Gates To The Unknown EP" (Artak netlabel November 2012). free
In April 2013 I published the third, last album "WE ARE ALL BORN MAD, some remain so" (RXSTNZ rec), a title borrowed from "Waiting For Godot" (S.Beckett). free

15. M-UGGR333 - ?†R???‡
Electronic music producer from Madrid, Spain.

16. Antz & Bones - War against myself
Have you ever been?
Das ist sicher eine Frage, mit der man sich als Mensch ab und an
auseinandersetzt, aber auch ein Text, der 1998 von Bone geschrieben zu
unserem ersten Song wurde.
15 Jahre später, um genau zu sein 2013, gründeten wir das Projekt
"Antz & Bones", weil uns das Band der Freundschaft und eben auch "Have
you ever been" seit fast 20 Jahren zusammenhält. Seit dieser Zeit begleitet
uns die musikalische Kreativität.
Über die Jahre wurde der Drang, wieder gemeinsam Musik zu machen, immer
stärker und dabei versuchten wir 300 km Entfernung zu überbrücken, was uns
mit unseren ersten Stücken auch gelungen ist.
Wie beschreiben wir nun unsere Musik? Im Grunde ist die Antwort simple:
Wir machen Musik à la Antz & Bones.
Wir möchten uns, unsere Gedanken und Gefühle auf diese Weise ausdrücken
und uns in der musikalischen Gestaltung verwirklichen.
Sicher ist der Himmel nicht immer grau, aber er ist auch nicht immer blau und
das spiegelt sich in unseren Songs wider: Von dunkel bis rockig und von der
Hoffnungslosigkeit zum Gefühl des Aufbruchs lassen sich düster
atmosphärisch elektronische Elemente, wie auch offene Gitarrensoli in
unserer Musik finden.
Wir sind stolz auf das bereits Erreichte, zumal "Have you ever been" beim
‚Sonic Seducer Battle of the Bands 2002‘ Platz 30 erreichen konnte und wir
lassen uns überraschen wohin uns unser weiterer Weg führen wird.
Was heißt nun eigentlich "Wir"? Wir sind Bone und Andy aus Limbach -
Oberfrohna und Berlin.
We are Antz & Bones!

17. Ambient Indigo - Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy
Ambient Indigo is the solo electronic music project of Steve Hart, an English computer musician based in Helsinki, Finland.
Steve’s first exposure to electronic music was the Tangerine UK tour of 1982, followed in 1983 with Klaus Schulze live at Coventry Cathedral and the first UK Electronica event in Milton Keynes which featured artists such as Ian Boddy, Mark Shreeve and Robert Schroeder.
Always quite musical, Steve played trumpet, violin, piano and oboe, as well as studying music theory. Synthesisers provided a lot of creative freedom but was an expensive hobby in those days. The development of computer DAWs took electronic music production to another level, and today Ambient Indigo’s productions are entirely in-the-box.
Steve runs an Event Management company in Finland, and his company will host the first “Ambient Music Conference”, in June 2014. The venue will be a stunning new all-wooden structure located in the atmospheric forest and lakes just outside Helsinki. The event will feature well-known local names together with talented ambient artists from both Europe and USA.
Ambient Indigo’s musical style drifts from gently rhythmic ambient to more melodic sequences. You can check out more at
For more information about the Ambient Music Conference, visit

18. Anastasia Vronski - Black Sand
Mostly Noise , ambient , Electronica , what I want .

19. Seesar - Worshipping R'taq
Will Connor is a London-based percussionist devoted to experimenting and composing using unconventional instruments and techniques. Innovatively rethinking how to generate percussive and acoustic sounds with a goal of reversing the aural expectations of the instruments, attempting to create electronic sounds with acoustic devices, et cetera, Connor plays drones and sustained tones along with truncated, abrupt sounds. He freely draws upon Italian Futurism and Dadaist sensibilities to create textural soundscapes and industrial sonic explorations, performing on household objects and homemade devices, including pot lids, grill hoods, sheet metal, springs, shelf brackets, and bicycles, as well as traditional and ethnic percussion. Connor primarily performs dark ambient composed and improvised material, but also works in gothic, jazz, rock, traditional-fusion, and modern classical contexts.

Connor's background in improvised music, modern composition, and ethnic ensembles prepared him for playing with his current projects: Seesar (Lovecraftian Dark Ambient Soundscapes), PerKelt (Celtic Medieval Speed Folk), Dread Falls Theatre (Gothic Steampunk Performance Troupe lead by Dramatist Victoria Snaith), and various improvised and modern composition groups. Connor often integrates his textural approach to performing with electronics, strings, and other metallic instruments in a wide range of musical settings, for example Connor's work with Jo Quail (Gothic cellist), WARY (noise electronics, woodwinds, and percussion), Shugoran (dark ambient industrial soundscapes), P. A. S. (NYC-based experimental noisescape band), Second Head (Gothic Neofolk Grunge Rock), and artists such as Steve Beresford, Anton Mobin (French prepared chamber musician), Philippe Petit (French avant garde DJ), Sandeep
Mishra (Indian classical sarangi master), Laetecia Statier (Stereolab/Monade), z'ev, John Butcher, Sonic Pleasures, Cementimental, John Russell, the Panjara Trio (Iranian traditional music), and Farouk El Safi and Ali Kadir (Egyptian percussionists). Since starting to play percussion in 1978, Connor has played with projects such as The Pigeon Frequency Orchestra (Improv), one3four (Math-Punk and Improv), BAAMPHF!!! (Math-Punk), the Centre for Transgressive Behaviours (Absurdist Theatre and Improv), the Hawai`i Kakula Ensemble (Sulawesi percussion group), and Fukadugalon (Improv),as well as playing Chinese opera and Tibetan folk music, working with Butoh and contact improv dancers, and performing new compositions by upcoming young composers, such as Daniel Morse and Guy Bunce. Connor holds degrees in acoustics, music, and ethnomusicology and completed his Ph.D. at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2012 (for more information on Connor's research projects visit the Academic Work page). Connor's academic musical research and performance projects are all part of his larger goal to invent new ways of approaching percussion and assists him on his quest: He hopes to generate and incorporate exciting, cutting edge instrumentation and combine them with performance techniques that result in a continuous and exciting musical adventure that he shares with his listeners through live presentations and recorded media. Furthermore, Connor seeks to provide a creative outlet for his deep appreciation of gothic and steampunk literature, specifically his greatest literary influence H. P. Lovecraft. As part of this exploration, Connor will release his first full length solo album and at least one release by each of his other full time projects (PerKelt, Second Head, and another Lovecraft-related set of material) by the first quarter of 2014. In addition to continue publishing academic music research papers, Connor expects to tour through the UK, Germany, and possibly Australia and Japan in mid-late 2014/early 2015.

20. Shaun Robert - meta-paramour

21. Willy Stamati - A Point of No Return
post-industrial / dark ambient
About project:
Willy Stamati is a post-industrial / noise / experimental one-man project from Ukraine. It was established in 2007. The basic aim is sound experiments. Inspired by such luminaries as Merzbow, Aube, Marco Corbelli, Maurizio Bianchi, Raison d'Etre, Contagious Orgasm and Bad Sector, Willy Stamati worked his way up from darkwave and neoclassics to post-industrial and noise and created more than 100 albums in different styles. The main topic of his music is life in its lowest display, from worst human features to faults of development; the gloomy atmosphere of his music call thoughts about doom, despair and realization of self-insignificance. The main features differing Willy Stamati from similar projects are careful selection of musical material, variety of genres and styles, its original sound and serious intelligent approach to music creation.
More info:

22. Ferryman - Mystery Woman
FERRYMAN are releasing their new album "WHAT IS MINE" on April 4,2014, with a tour in Germany and England. All tour dates at
", style, and a remarkable sense of unity with their audience..."
Formed in Dortmund in 2005
2007: First demo "Back to the River"
2009: Second demo "Insomnia"
2012: Online release "The Clown"
„FERRYMAN ist eine der wenigen Bands, die bei uns bereits als Opener das Publikum von der ersten Sekunde an völlig begeistern und mitreißen konnte, eine Ausnahmeband mit Suchtpotential!“
Christian Ernsting,
Veranstalter von „Metal City Lünen“
Ferryman gibt es seit Ende 2005. In der Zwischenzeit ist wirklich einiges passiert. Das ist eine Band, die Festivals wie „Burgrock“, „WISPA“, „Mercenaries‘ Metal Meeting“ und nicht zuletzt zweimal als Support von Axxis auf der „Metal City Lünen“ zu ihrem Lebenslauf zählen kann. Ferryman hat auch auf „Burgrock“ im Jahr 2011 den MK Rockpreis gewonnen, wodurch die 2012 veröffentlichten Onlinerelease der Band, „The Clown“, finanziert wurde.
Die Musik von Ferryman wird am ehesten als „Hard Rock“ oder „Melodic Metal“ beschrieben, obwohl Einflüsse aus unterschiedlichen Stilistiken vorhanden sind. Eigentlich muss man seine eigene Erfahrung mit der Musik machen, denn die passende Schublade für die Musikrichtung gibt es einfach nicht. Mal hart und groovig, mal melancholisch - Ohrwürmer sind garantiert. Wie immer man die Richtung nennen will: dass Ferryman musikalisch ordentlich etwas drauf hat, steht außer Frage. Nun ist die neue Besetzung um den britischen Ausnahmesänger/-keyboarder Andy Jones reifer denn je, mit der Musik von Ferryman möglichst viele Menschen zu erreichen und zu begeistern. Die Combo setzt den Schwerpunkt bei Konzerten auf eine hervorragende Bühnenshow mit Energie, Bühnenpräsenz und die musikalische Qualität, die man schon lange von Ferryman kennt. Es wird sich lohnen, dabei zu sein.
"FERRYMAN is one of the few bands that was able, even as the opener, to impress and captivate the audience right from the start at one of our concerts, a band that is one of a kind that has the potential to become addictive!"
Christian Ernsting,
Organiser of the "Metal City Lünen" festivals
Ferryman has been around since the end of 2005. Seven years later, a heck of a lot has happened. This is a band that is able to list festivals such as "Burgrock", "WISPA", "Mercenaries‘ Metal Meeting" and, perhaps most importantly, two support concerts for Axxis at "Metal City Lünen" on their CV. Ferryman also won the "MK Rockpreis" at "Burgrock“ in 2011, through which the band's 2012 online release "The Clown" was financed.
Ferryman's music is typically described as "Hard Rock" or "Melodic Metal", although influences from different genres are noticeable. Realistically, everyone has to experience Ferryman and decide for themselves, as the made-to-measure musical direction simply doesn't exist. Sometimes hard, sometimes grooving, sometimes melancholy, and often a tune that you can't get out of your head, one thing is clear: whatever direction you choose to label the music with, Ferryman is good at what they do. Now the new line-up with the one-of-a-kind British vocalist and keyboardist Andy Jones is readier than ever to reach and impress as many people as possible with Ferryman's music. At concerts, the band places its focus on providing excellent live shows with energy, stage presence and the musical quality that audiences have come to expect from Ferryman. It will be worth watching.

23. Silentport - Kopfkrieg (Christopher Alvarado mix)
"silentport" is the latest solo project from "endraum" musician roman rütten. he started creating "silentport" after the split of "endraum" in 2008. now he is working on a full length album planned for the end of 2013. since the 90th roman rütten is composing music for films. mainly for documentations on ard and the first german tv "ARD".
Music written and composed by silentport
lyrics by silentport / roman ruetten
Recorded and mixed at weisser herbst studio
All rights reserved. P.2013

24. Playman54/Colin Blake - Dronescape forms Genetic Atmospherics
home Recording/garage musician
old rock fan,keyboard/electronic player
created in50s rock,60s wildchid experience,70s spaced out freak,80s/90s passing blur,21st century galaxy eating space sponge.
weird nothings weird when you listen
enjoy your ears
infinity and beyond.

25. sean derrick cooper marquardt - Uskon voivani lentää
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt ist ein Komponist und Musikproduzent aus Chicago, USA. Er gründete das Label Friends of Sagittarius Records und kuratiert das Festival Friends of Sagittarius sowie Neuvertonung,ein Festival bei dem neue Soundkollagen auf existierende Filme gelegt werden. Er arbeitet mit Ambient, Drone-und Noise-Stilen und Feldaufnahmen. Seine live-improvisierten soundscapes sind auf international Festivals und in Filmen zu hören

26. 44 - Crystal Rain Fields .2
The project formed in winter of 2012, by Hubert Jablonski and Filip Pankowski. 44 creates wide range of ambient music.

27. Jesper Sorensen - Midnight Whispers
Jesper Sørensen was born in 1964 in Copenhagen, Denmark. At age 11
he started playing the guitar, and started to write his own music
when he was 14, improvising on various techniques. He went on to
teach himself to play a range of other instruments. His primary
influences are Mike Oldfield, Mark Knopfler, and Jean Michel Jarre.
At the age of 20 he formed his first band, 4us, and through playing
in various clubs and universities was invited to appear on the Danish
national radio. After a break of some years he and 3 friends formed
Half and Half, a cover version band, which became very popular, and
he spent the next 2 years performing and appearing again on
the Danish radio. He continued to experiment with different styles of music
and in 2000 moved to England where he now lives with his
wife and 2 children. He was diagnosed with cancer in early
2006 and after a year of treatment and recovery he
rediscovered the joy of making music and since January
2007 has produced and finished the album A New Time, Origin,
Twilight, the world of electron. He was again diagnosed with cancer
in early 2013 but despite treatments etc. He continued to produce music
and are close to finishing his 2 latest albums Skyrider and Synthology
soon to be released.
Copyright © - 16/11/2013- -Jesper Sørensen-. All rights reserved.

28. Mimmo D'ippolito - TRAIN BRIDGE
a project of instrumental music - soundtracks created by the modern composer / keyboardist / arranger Mimmo D'Ippolito (18/12/1982 - Brindisi). The name of the project is given by the union of two words in the English language "Eternal" something eternal and timeless and "Keys" abbreviation of the word "Keyboards" - Keyboards (central instrument of the sound of this project). Eternalkeys is a journey through fantastic worlds, real sensations of existence, the world of mystery and the unknown. Influences range from the world of soundtracks / generic background music, electronic, classical and modern, Rock, more ... Eternalkeys has an excellent web presence, and not in the best music channels, in digital stores worldwide: the first two works (M. D'Ippolito's Eternalkeys Eternalkeys and 2 were distributed by Wondermark, individual "Other Galaxy" was released by ELECTRO ARC Records compilation in 2012 and "Forgotten objects" compilation released in the podcast "Nocturnal emission Vol 25, AMBIENTBOOK Dark Edition compilation Vol.1, SEQUENCES PODCAST N. 26, other individual have been chosen and put into rotation in several radio show world and not) blogs, magazines, online, web radio, telephony channels worldwide, with great acclaim and many followers around the world. Mimmo D'Ippolito has inziato studies Electronic Keyboards and Music at age 11, subsequently deepened and developed the study of the instrument in different contexts: Band of different genres, plays, etc., up to the studies of classical composition. Mimmo D'Ippolito since 2008 is dedicated exclusively to the research of particular sound, genres and subgenres, experimentation, original compositions, symmetrical features, and all those songs, sounds and atmospheres hidden "hard to catch" that can be found: from TV to movies etc ... Thanks to their immediacy and melody some compositions of the project have been used by several independent video makers for short films and movies in general: the song "Broken Fable" is one of the most successful examples of these, used as background music for movies Apulian of the local newspaper "La Voce di Carovigno" (as well as many other songs), also for the short film "ONCE" directed by Daniela Lucato and Simone Trotta, the short film "The Scarf" directed by Alysia Renee, the Short Film - Stopmotion of OLESNEWMEDIA Prod "Sad Toys Factory" and many others. The album of 2013 "Arcanum Secret" was released by BEPLAY MUSIC , independent Italian label, distributed in digital stores I tunes, Amazon, E Music, Nokia etc. .. The single from the album "Future City" was released in 2013 on the compilation "NetWare Cope of Heaven" of Electro Arc advertised in various magazines and radio specialist, also the various songs are in rotation in the best and most important web and terrestrial radio such as ASTREAUX WORLD Broad. LAST FRONTEIRA, musicas IMAGINADAS, GALACTIC TRAVELS, RADIATOR TIONS - Ciccio Riccio, OTRAS musicas, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, INEWAGE Radio (Artist as recommended) and many others, also featuring on many others Webzines and specialized blogs.
PLACE: Carovigno (Brindisi, Alto Salento) Puglia (Italy)
Styles: Soundtracks / Instrumental / Ambiental/ Cinematic / Electronic
Favourites Artists: Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Dead Can Dance, Tangerine Dream, Bruno Sanfilippo. Depeche Mode, Mark Snow, Nox Arcana, Classical and Modern Composers, New Age, Electronic…similar styles, for this project
Ideal for: Film Score, Tv Score, Animation, documentaries, Radio play, Relaxing, Compilations, Background music generally most of all and everything else…
Album/ Ep discography:
Eternalkeys intro (Ep 2008)
M. D’Ippolito’s Eternalkeys (Ep 2010)
Eternalkeys 2 (Full – length 2011)
Arcanum Secret (Full – length 2013)
Mimmo D’Ippolito (Brindisi – 18/12/1982 – at today 31 Yerar old): all Keyboards / Programming / Composer / Producer
Emails contacts:;
Eternalkeys self Prod. / Wondermark Digital (2008 – 2012)
Electro Arc (2012 Compilation)
Robino Family- Beplay Music (2013)
MK Label (Compilations)
Petroglyph label (Compilation)
Last Fm:
I Tunes (Italy):
Google plus:
…and many others!!

29. Nystada - Penfield
Solo artist from Hamburg, Germany. Centered around the dark fields of Electronica and Industrial.
-an error occurred while installing happiness-
Working on my first full length - coming 2014.
Collaborations I did and enjoyed with these amazing artists:
Interstella Moonbeam
Strange Meat
Megan McCarthy
Tommy Error404

30. eisenwesen - my lovely mister singingclub


Ancient Lasers
Christian Fiesel
Emmanuele Gattuso
Cousin Silas
Escaped Trees
The Flux Komplex
MileSound BASS
Antz & Bones!
Ambient Indigo
Anastasia Vronski
Shaun Robert
Willy Stamati
Playman54/Colin Blake
sean derrick cooper marquardt
Jesper Sorensen

cover and layout: Julia Z.
compilation: glasklinge zeitenlicht

Midnight Radio compilation various artists, your place for underground music and sounds. enjoy and spread it worldwide. come with me.

[being part of one (or more) of next compilations various artists?
all styles are allowed. contact me.
(artist name, track name, website link [infos about you?] )
WAV, FLAC, MP3, etc.
send to (contact for email:
notice, some people think, this is a radio station and ask me to play her favorite song. this is not a radio station. this ist a free download compliation with various artists and her own, hand or software made music.

(dark) + ambient|avantgarde|experimental|electronic|and more
midnightradio-compilation is a part of:

regards, glasklinge zeitenlicht


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